Monday, November 09, 2009

Sliding along the ILS on approach to Teterboro on a recent wet day. My camera's batteries die about 30 seconds from touchdown but I still like the video for showing all the rain across the windshield and for giving you an idea as to the noise level of light rain. When the rain is heavy it can be deafening.


flyaway said...

It's interesting to see glimpses of the ground while you are in the clouds. I can see that there would be a strong temptation to want to drop down below the GS to keep the ground in sight.
Tks for the video, I am (slowly) working on my instrument rating and videos like this are perfect for me to see what it is really like.

amulbunny said...

Thanks for the video. Love to see them. Would you send some of that cold rainy weather out this way to HHR?

I love to see the pattern reversed at LAX, the west to east takeoffs can rattle the windows when the flights do a hard right and fly over the house.

Paul Tomblin said...

I heard you give the break-out altitude in AGL. Do you use QFE, or did you just do the math in your head?

Is the arc to the right of the HSI your glide slope?