Monday, June 29, 2009

Life isn't all about aviation. I have other interests that are far more dangerous...

Those are my special homemade hot apple bacon turnovers. It's just basically hot fresh apple pie filling with a strip of bacon stretched over turnover pastry with hot icing drizzled on. Add a large double-double coffee and some fruit salad and you're good to go.

Now these are the full-meat version: Pastry-wrapped bbq-bacon-wrapped bbq'd ribs.

I boil pork back ribs for just over an hour in some nice broth, then bbq at 550c for 15 minutes, turning once. After they are done, I use big scissors to chop the ribs into single-rib sections, discarding the occasional middle rib to make sure the meat portions are generous. I add a slice of smoked gouda cheese along the rib, (that idea was courtesy of Andy, who I link to on the left side of the page) then wrap it in a strip of bacon that I have also bbq'd. Sidenote: I put the bacon on the bbq top rack so the bacon fat falls onto the ribs while they are cooking. I then slather it with this President's Choice brand habanero bbq sauce that comes in a big brown glass bottle. That stuff is sex. Anyway, time to throw some croissant dough around it, then bake about 8 minutes or until the croissant is brown.

Another shot of my pretties:

Aight, on to the poutine lasagna.

Taken during the assembly:

I did 2 different versions of this, with the following layers, from top to bottom.

#1. Thrice Blessed Poutine Lasagna of St. Germain De La Heartattack

Spicy Fries
Cheddar Cheese curd, Parmesan Cheese
Ground beef cooked in beef gravy
Lasagna Noodles (deep fried in bacon fat)
beef gravy (yes, an entire layer)
Spicy French Fries
Maple Back Bacon
Cheddar Cheese curd
Lasagna Noodles (deep fried in sausage fat)
Barbequed Chicken Breasts, sliced
Spicy French Fries
Sausage and Cheddar cheese, chopped into smallish cubes
Spicy Farmer Sausage, diced
Lasagna Noodles (deep fried in chicken fat)

Arrange it in layers, bake at 450 for 15 minutes, then broil until cheese on top is golden brown. It weighed about 9 lbs.

Watching it cook. It took forever, what with me opening the oven door all the time :)

The finished product. Lisa and I put our initials on it in french fries, but they seemed to have fused into the general cheesy-gravy-meaty-fryey goodness.

What a delightful choice of wine!

I don't have pics of the other one but it was a variation on the original with the addition of prosciutto ham layers along with hungarian sausage meat. Lisa and I had a dinner party a few weeks ago and invited about 20 folks over for a feast - I made 4 lbs of meat per person, so it was pretty great. I made burgers that were half ground beef, half ground bacon and half cheese along with some pretty insane 'normal' bbq'd ribs. And don't even get me started about the desserts Lisa made, sweet Jebus.

We don't do this often, in case you were worried my heart was going to explode. Now you know my guilty secret!


david said...

And you maintain a class 1 medical ... how, exactly? :)

Joel P. said...

i don't know if you've heard of this website, but your creation is certainly worthy:

Guido said...

Dude! you must be 500 pounds if you eat that stuff more than once in a lifetime!

jinksto said...

Ummm... 550C? Yow... no wonder it's crispy!

Great stuff.. thanks for posting!

Dagny said...

Dear jebus.

I'm in shock.

Did you guys actually eat that? LOL

And yeah, you guys 300lbs yet? Man.

Eat a veggie!!! ;)

5400AirportRdSouth said...

I'm speechless.

Salivating, but speechless.

Chris said...

Pure genius!