Thursday, July 02, 2009

Anarchy plane!

I saw it sitting on the ramp this morning and was quite taken by the logo - you don't normally see the symbol for anarchy on a corporate jet.

It's here because a punk / pop band called The Offspring is in town for a concert. The lead singer / guitarist flies it, kinda like Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden flying their tour Boeing 757, only on a somewhat smaller scale. The Offspring must have small, lean roadies and small, lean amplifiers :)

Still working lots (latest thing is a maintenance audit) and looking for a house - Lisa has told me it's time we bought one so I guess we'll do that soon too. I should get off my butt and post the "hitching a ride" thing I wanted to, but I still have to clean it up a little. Hopefully tomorrow.


Paul Tomblin said...

By coincidence, I was at the Offspring concert on Tuesday night in Canandaigua. Well, I was there to see the Dropkick Murphys, and left when the Offspring started, but I did listen to two of their songs. Meh. Personally, I thought I'd enjoy getting back in the car and listening to more Murphys on the iPod would be more fun, and it was.

Julien said...

Hi Sulako,

Thanks for the photo! It prompted me to do a bit of research about Dexter Holland and rocks stars who are also pilots in general, the result is here.

Keep the posts coming!

Benjamin said...

Paul, Meh?! The Offspring are looking a bit older but how can you not get excited about Bad Habit or Come Out and Play?

BTW, was my first experience with the Dropkick Murphys - what a fun band!

BTW, we saw them in Detroit.

Dagny said...

you know, Dexter flew that thing (I think that one, but might be another plane...) around the world single pilot. That's pretty bad ass in my book.

Plus, he fucking tired us out at the show, and he's like 44!! ON the list of people I'd love to have a beer with now. ;)

James said...

Got to meet Bruce Dickenson and Iron Maiden a few years ago when they came through the YYZ Avitat. Thing was, they weren't in a 757 and Bruce wasn't flying. It was a Citation V or derivative - and the whole band squeezed in there - now that's a tight fit! (I didn't see any of their gear - and I suppose it may have just been for a short hop)

B-Rad said...

Growing up I was a big fan of Offspring and when he flew in, when I was working as a line guy, I gained much more respect for them. It takes something special to become a pilot, especially a jet pilot.

It appears that they are being efficient as possible using a CJ instead of trusting an airline to get them all the places they need to be in a timely manner. Glad to see them not listening to the media and gov't. I wonder what Dexter's thoughts are on Business Aviation....