Monday, April 09, 2007

When I posted about our busy schedule a few days ago, it was before more trips got added last weekend.

36 flight hours in the past 6 days makes for a tired Sully.

I have one more flight tomorrow before the planes go down for routine CAT scans and Thorazine injections (known as Phase inspections by mechanic types), so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Well, I'm enjoying every part except for the chapped lips I now have due to the dry air in the cockpit.

Kitsch and I took some nice pics today, and I'll post them tomorrow during my layover.

But now I really have to sleep.

While I snore, watch this 60-turn spin in a 172.


russki said...

Thanks for sharing that vid. I was sure that this was either a typo or an exageration. You know what scarier is I feel so turned on right now.
Get some and rest and don't forget to post the photos from the long trip.

Aluwings said...

She's as crazy as another female pilot I know. Who used to come back from her spin lessons with a Big Grin while her instructors and later on her students were green around the gills and very pale looking, sometimes even clutching barf bags! (I married her!)

I wonder why this woman's doing this craziness from the right seat? Letting off steam after a long, frustrating day of flight instruction? Maybe she just pushed that troublesome student out the left hand door before rolling the camera? And now she's trying to beat him down to the ground? Like: "Oh boy, is he ever going to be ticked off. I better get there first so I can apologize when he arrives... Splat! - oh well. NEXT!