Monday, April 23, 2007

Today's post is all about pictures of the trip we did over the weekend.

Sunny skies as we departed Florida yesterday. Thanks to Kitsch for the pics.

Letting our minds wander, as referenced in yesterday's post:

The Air Canada 767 I mentioned in yesterday's random thoughts about contrails.

We were at FL370, and I think this was a Canjet 737 at FL360.

A few pics from the shooting range:

With the laser sight, just put the red dot on where you want the hole to go.

Kitsch chose the target titled "Keith Richards takes Juliana Margules from ER hostage"

Playing with the AR-15, a civilian variant of the M-16.

The last remaining ice floes around Buffalo, as mentioned in yesterday's post:

Clear skies and a good view as we circled for runway 23 in Toronto.


Douglas said...

As a Canadian, you should probably should have said that the AR-15 is the civilian version of the Canadian Forces C-7 rifle. Though, we also use the same model (with the collapsible stock) and call it a C-8 rifle.

Anonymous said...

please offer my congrats to your wife to be with the completion of university. Since you two will be living in Sin, does this mean you will be slacking on the post. What's up with that? It friday, haven't read a post since monday.


cheers. fly safe.