Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm in New Jersey as I write this. Waiting on passengers, business types who live for golf. I don't live for golf. I live for:

A kiss on the back of my neck or a warm smooch on my nose
An unexpected piece of chocolate
A warm comforter in a cool room
When someone tells me I'm unique in some way
A familiar tune when I'm driving down the highway
interesting dinner conversation
A movie that presents life in some way I hadn't thought about before
A good, funny book. dark humor is allowed, and encouraged
Seeing a thunderstorm from above it, watching the lighting in the cloud as I pass overhead, marvelling at how very small I am and how very big nature is
Sleeping in an extra 5 minutes
Knowing that I am missed - a sad pleasure, but a pleasure anyway
Floating in warm water and watching the sunlight play on the surface, a million sparkles of light
Knowing that somewhere out there, sometime soon, there is a cat for me
Knowing that my mom and dad think I'm pretty cool
Feeling strong and healthy

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