Friday, July 28, 2006

I haven't flown much floats at all - 50 hours in a 180/185 before I went on to twin-world. It was great flying and I envy float pilots from time to time. In my current job I get to travel further distances, but the actual flying is a little more, ahem, structured than it was when I flew up north. I guess what I'm saying is the flying I do now is more boring, but I make more money and get to see far-flung destinations. I'm not sure if that's a good trade-off or not, and I think I'll have to wait until the retirement before I know if I made the right choice.


We visited the local water base, where they have 4 operators right next to each other, running caravans, twin otters, turbo otters and beavers. They do a lot of fishing-lodge flying, as well as taking uranium prospectors up to various sites in search of glow-in-the-dark fortune. Everyone we spoke to was exceptionally friendly, going out of their way to give us a tour of their operations and shooting the breeze. Overall I find the people here are very hospitable, which is a nice change from the normal Toronto "don't make eye contact" attitude.

We saw this 208 on amphibs load up full of American fishermen and gear, then drag itself into the air and head for a fishing lodge. At least the tail wasn't in the water, which was the only thing that would make my former boss stop loading up the airplane in my old 180/185 job.

I didn't notice these pics from yesterday when the f/o and I went on a tour of the Goose Bay shoreline. Here they are now. Labrador has a real rugged beauty to it

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