Friday, November 11, 2011

The iPad has truly revolutionized aviation. I can use it as a moving map, look up airport data, file flight plans and do all sorts of useful and relevant activities.

'real' iPad post coming up next week when our airborne XM weather hardware arrives- I just ordered the Mobile Link package from Baron Systems - it will apparently stream XM weather from the receiver via wifi to my iPad. Gonna use the Foreflight Mobile HD app, which has geo-referenced US approach charts, Canadian charts, and will display the weather right on the charts. At least, that's my hope. We have on-board XM weather already, but it's through a 6-year-old tablet PC that's cranky at the best of times, so I'm hoping for something a little more stable. Next week will tell!


Splendor said...

Can't believe it's been so long since I got a chance to poke my nose into your aeroplane in YUL and that cranky tablet was almost new... I wish we got iPads from the boss with live HD weather, our options are limited to metar-by-fax and looking out the window.

Clear skies!


capnaux said...

Love your blog, Sulako!
Stumbled onto it while researching for my own aviation blog. I love your off the wall humor; very entertaining and refreshing! Joining up, and adding you to my blogroll!

I think you'll find mine fun, too. Stop by sometime!

High Flyer said...

I am looking forward to hearing you review of the XM weather system for iPad we are looking into them to. Please let me know how it goes! Thanks