Thursday, July 21, 2011

Red Bull at night, pilot's delight. I have flown 10 of the past 12 days, which is pretty unusual, and the occasional pick-me-up comes in pretty handy - I think this particular Red Bull met its demise on the way back from Boston. I love Red Bull so hard, I seriously do.

Kitch's last day is tomorrow, so we are spending today and tomorrow paperworking and tidying up. The replacement hiring process continues, with many interviews and a couple more to come. Turns out it's pretty hard to blog about the process, at least for the moment, so I think I might wait until we pick someone before I go any further on that front.

Oh, I have used lots of the suggested interview questions / techniques that you all posted in response to my last blog entry, so thanks for those :)


Anonymous said...


ever tried L-Tyrosine for staying awake? Works fine.

It's a semi-essential amino acid, not a drug.

Kind regards,

PS: MANY THANKS FOR THIS GREAT BLOG! And the best wishes to you and your wife regarding your new earthling! I appreciate it a lot when thinking people have kids!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are not finished with your interviews, as I have yet to receive a call. Maybe its time to give that pile of resumes another shake, and "think outside the box".
Your ad stated that you were looking for an unique individual, I am that person, your just not recognizing it. Its there you just have to see it!