Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A quick update to the A380 video I posted recently. A guy on AvCanada posted a pic that shows the wingspan of the A380 superimposed over a Google Earth view of the accident scene.

The wingspan is the yellow line with the red dots at each end, near the bottom left corner of the picture. It looks like there should be enough clearance if the 380 is on the center line of the taxiway and the RJ is north of the the road. Hmm.


wakemp said...

Two positioning queues from the Video. There are embedded lighting in the taxiway/apron area. It appears (hard to be sure) that the nose of the Comair is almost abeam the Red Hold bar lights. As the A380 crosses the Outboard engine covers all but the first 3 green lights on the taxiway centerline. Assuming a 40' spacing on the lights.. and not allowing for the angle of viewing there should have been 120+ ft from No 1 engine to the Hold line.

Aviators said...

The question is, was the complete RJ north of the road?

In any case it does not matter. It is the responsibility of the Pilot in Command of EVERY aircraft to insure its safe operation regardless of anything else.

Could the captain of the RJ see the A380 taxiing to the left and behind him? Its night, there are a lot of lights and a bustling ramp area.

I vote that the A380 captain could have slowed down, or stopped, or somehow made sure where the RJ tail was.

Lucky it was just the tail!


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