Thursday, April 21, 2011

I think pregnancy agrees with her. I mean, except for the barfing and sleep disruption, which are symptoms she apparently has also. Yes, I'm terrified, thank you for asking ;)


Travis said...

Congrats! My wife is pregnant with our first one, a little girl. She's due on July 31st.

I understand your terror. :-)

Congrats from one dad to be to another!

ScurvyDog said...

You can remember when my wife was pregnant 6 1/2 years ago Sully. I was scared then and still am! But it is a awesome experience being a parent (except all the crying, pooping and whining) and that's just what you will do! Congrats to you guys!

Frank said...

Congratulations on this great news!

let's see how long it takes before you take her or him with you in the air (my first one was 18 months old and didn't notice - vast asleep within minutes... )

Best wishes for both of you!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Congratulations. Parenthood is a ride that will terrify you, make you cry and make you scream and something that you'll never regret!

Crackers and water are good for morning sickness and lots of TLC too!

Anonymous said...

Lisa looks fantastically beautiful! For the record, parenting NEVER ends. Yep. That cord is never really cut. Get used to it.

Chris said...


Dan said...

Congrats Sully! Great news!

kbq said...

Great news! Enjoy the next several decades of servitude to your progeny... :-) Mine are in their mid-20's and we *still* can't escape 'em!


Ted said...


Important advice: Get all the sleep you can get NOW!

Also, yo might consider making all the love you can make now, as well! Later, you (and her even more so) will be so obsessed with sleeping everything else will seem just a waste of time.

In the past year, I got so behind on sleep I think I'd have to sleep one month straight just to get to zero :)
- but I still have time to read blogs every now and then ;)

Anonymous said...

YAY. You have fulfilled your blog entry of ... well a while ago now.


Congrats to you both.

GA with L plates.

Anonymous said...

Remember just keep telling her how good she looks even after the baby, although use your good judgement as new moms have a very low tolerance for BS and I have the scars to prove it.


Giulia said...

Oh congratulations!!!!

You guys will be wonderful parents, trust in that! You love each other and you want this child.

That child is truly blessed!


Michael said...

Congrats to you sir!

My wife and I are expecting our first child sometime around November.

Anonymous said...

Just remember that AM sickness is just Mother Nature's way of protecting the young fetus. The chemical that encourages muscle contractions is blocked by the body thereby minimizing the chances of miscarriage. That blocking also affects other parts of the body that have contracting type muscles such as the esophagus...therefore nausea reigns.

Best of will enjoy the ride and like me you will be sitting one day thinking "gee, where did those 30 years go?"