Monday, January 31, 2011

This was our excitement this morning, an ILS to minimums, in this case 200' ceiling and 1/2 mile visibility, somewhere in Texas. For maximum coolness, set the video to 720p and full-screen it (it may take Youtube an hour or so after I post this to process the video to 720p). At 2:02 you can hear the other pilot start to say "And minimums" when I interrupt him and call the runway lights in sight - we were about 1 second from going missed approach when we saw the runway, so hooray for us!

I cut about 5 minutes out of the middle of the video - it was boring - you can see the jump around the 1:50 mark when the clouds get a lot darker.

We did an ILS in Arkansas before this one, I'll post that later on today when I'm done flying. We still have another leg to go, we are heading west for a few more hours before we stop for the night.


Blake said...

Great video!

I found it interesting how fast between minimums and touch down occur. When/If you see those runway lights you only have 10-15 seconds to put the bird down.

If you had go around, would you have attempted another try? Or just diverted to your alternate?

Anonymous said...

When you're learning instrument flying, you think "Approaches to minimums! That must be really cool!" And when you actually do it the first few times, it is.

Then you get to where you have to do it, and it's "Oh, crap..."

Aviatrix said...


Can we play ggguess the airport, or are there confidentiality concerns? (Why I think I can recognize a random Texas airport in half mile vis is beyond me).

Sulako said...

Guess away! :)

Giulia said...

Very cool! :)

...and a little "eek!" too.

belowthewing said...