Sunday, January 02, 2011

First of all, Happy New Year! Lisa and I celebrated with some of our friends in a pub nearby Goderich, and the night was typically epic and bizarre, much like going on a roller coaster ride in an abandoned and condemned theme park during an earthquake (I took pics, but I'm not sure I can post them). Our Twilight-Zone experience aside, I hope that your 2011 is healthy, happy and prosperous, and that your New Years eve party wasn't nearly as disorienting and terrifying as ours was :)

Anyway, this is what the Turks and Caicos looks like, in 720p glory. Today (Jan 2nd) we took a Bravo to MBPV, Provenciale International. It was just before dark, but the water still had some pretty amazing colors.

Along the way we stopped in Nassau for some gas, and it ended up being a total gong show - the radar was out and they were doing 10 minute spacing between all IFR traffic, which resulted in us sitting on the ramp for a couple of hours before we were allowed to get airborne. Good thing for us we were flying empty, heading here to pick up some folks and bring them back to the Great White North. After we arrived here our pax called and changed our itinerary for tomorrow - I'll certainly take some videos of our flights tomorrow because they should also be pretty stimulating. More to come!


Anonymous said...

I spent some time near Goderich last summer, very nice area if a little rural for me. I hope to be flying again soon.

Giulia said...

Happy New Year! :)
Nothing like a disturbing, roller coaster ride to bring in the new year...everything from there should be a piece of cake... :)

Wishing you and your love the best and happiest 2011!

Anonymous said...

Your maternal great grandfather was born and raised on Grand Turks Island and emigrated to Canada in 1898.
He spoke often of eating mangos with hispals on a raft offshore , looking back at the island shimmering in the heat. Some life!

Happy New Year. Nice symmetry in spending it there.

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

Hey I was in Nassau yesterday! Crazy wait for sure. We went around on runway 14, and so did a BA 767. Crazy. Lots of heavy metal going around in circles wasting gas.