Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pepper is a pilot on the Citation 550 for another company, but we have good relations with them and we tend to fly the same aircraft from time to time. He saved me considerable inconvenience a while back by landing the airplane when I couldn't see out my side of the window.

He took a cool video with his new videocam, it's a visual approach into Nassau. I haven't been to Nassau in a couple of months, but it appears it's just as I left it :)

Here's his video, I find it really relaxing:

You can play it in 1080p HD if your computer has the horsepower, just click on the 360p tab and change it upwards.

He did another video of a jetliner (an American Airlines 737-800 to be precise) passing below them on the way to Nassau, which I'll share because the zoom on his camera is better than mine:

Corporate jets tend to cruise at a higher altitude than most commercial jets, with a few exceptions.

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