Monday, September 28, 2009

This was taken during a STOL contest at the May Day Flyin in Valdez, Alaska. STOL is pilot-geek for Short Takeoff Or Landing, so the aim is to get airborne in the shortest distance after applying power, or stopping in the shortest distance after touching down.

The aircraft featured are generally used to get in and out of small unimproved places in the bush, like sand bars or teeny clearings.

Take a close look at the little yellow plane at 1:30 into the video for a gentle little prop strike right at the start of his takeoff roll. I'm amused / horrified that the pilot chose to continue the takeoff despite kissing the runway, but maybe I'm getting cowardly in my old age.

The video ends in pretty much the way I expected it to.

Ps: We just got back from the lawyer's office where we signed the final paperwork on our new (to us) house. We take possession in only 2 more sleeps!


Capt. Schmoe said...

Was it me, or did that 150 drag the tail in that first clip? Either way, I liked how you you could hear the stall warning horn on it as crossed the line.

I wonder how much fuel was in the tanks?

Thanks for sharing this, it may be worth a you-tube search.

Grant said...

Ouch and double ouch!

Which (at the risk of starting a discussion ;-) is why many newer STOL designs use nose-wheels and tail skids.

denverpilot said...

Two of those pilots tried a little TOO hard to win the STOL contest...