Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wedding pix in the post below this one.

And now a few honeymoon pics. We went to Nice, France.

After an overnight flight I got to watch the sun come up as we started our approach into Nice.

A shot of the beach by our hotel.

I really love this shot - It was night and Lisa was getting her portrait done, so she was holding still. Everyone else wasn't holding still, hence the ghosts.

Second angle, watching the portrait take hold.

There were lots of street performers, including these guys. Watch the last 30 seconds for all kinds of awesome. Apologies for the sound quality.

More street performers, these ones of the "hold really still, then move suddenly and scare passersby" variety. The one on the left took a hankerin' to Lisa, while the one on the right held me at bay.

We walked to the top of a medieval fort to take a pic of the beaches below.

At night, the streets light up.

We had a great time swimming

We stopped to smell the roses a lot.

And had lots of awesome meals.

It was such a relief after the wedding frenzy and pressure - I swear I came back from honeymoon at least an inch taller, and certainly more relaxed.

Next, back to flying posts :)


Guido said...

Congrats, Sully - I'm glad to see you guys made it through the big day without losing any limbs, etc. It gives me hope that our wedding next year will go just as well!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you wont have to change your W&B when you get back to work from all that wedding cake/eating on the honeymoon ;)

Inch taller.. but how much wider? ;)

Dave said...


Glad to see you a happily married man! Hope you had a great wedding and a very enjoyable honeymoon, and my best wishes for you and Lisa for the future.


DeltaWhiskey said...

Good choice for a location - that's where my honeymoon was....well, actually, we stayed down the coast in Cannes....I'd love to go back! Congrats on the wedding!

Jeff said...

Looks like a great time. Totally understand what you mean about being able to relax on the honeymoon after the frenzy and pressure of the wedding. We went to Hawaii last year after our wedding and had the same experience. Would not have traded it for anything.

Paul B said...

Congrats to you both... you chose a great place for your honeymoon.

I've only been to Nice once, for a 2-day conference. It was the only 2 days for months when there was no sunshine, and it was raining heavily a lot of the time :-(

Looks like your visit was a LOT better!