Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A night flight to Montreal recently. I have flown roughly as much at night as I have during the day, thanks to a stint flying night cargo and another stint flying medevacs. I like night flying - the air is usually calmer, and the airspace is less busy. The major downsides are fatigue and the fact that you can't see bad weather as clearly at night, but overall I prefer night flying.

Hanging out at the Starlink FBO, keeping the electrics on and warm. I love the Starlink FBO - the crew car is a BMW and the FBO staff make a wicked cappucino. Oh, and fuel is cheaper than in Toronto, so what's not to love?

A nice big green light on our right wingtip will protect us from other airplanes running into us, in theory.

After a nice supper at Le Biftheque, I am ready for the trip home. Thanks to a large can of Diet Red Bull, I am fully alert, like a puma if pumas drank Red Bull.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh Le Biftheque!! Spent many a good night strolling across the road from the Four Pts to get a big old mud flap!! Great Steak!!!!


zzflyer said...

How many miles per liter do you get from a Red Bull? Are you able to sleep when you get home?

Aviatrix said...

"I am fully alert, like a puma if pumas drank Red Bull."

I don't drink Red Bull, but since reading this I have thought of you every time I see it.

Dan said...

Next time you're in town, get down to the Old Port and go to Gibby's for a steak... You'll pay more, but you will not be disappointed!