Friday, April 11, 2008

//Shameless promotion coming up...

I got a bunny hug in the mail the other day. You know, a fleecy pullover with a hood - the folks here in Ontario call it a hoodie, but the correct term is Bunny Hug, now and forever. Anyhoo, I wasn't expecting this gift, so I was a little puzzled. Within the package was a little note...

"I saw your blood-drenched photo on your blog. You have the perfect psycho smile, so I used your photo in a poster for our new play. Here's a bunny hug for your troubles"

Here's the original pic I posted, from when Lisa took me to see Evil Dead: The Musical

Here's a small pic of the poster. I'm immortal now!

The theatre company is Spectral Theatre, based in Vancouver BC.

Check 'em out if you happen to be in the area, and let me know how the play is. It looks spooky, which is right up my alley.

The only thing I wonder about is, if I had the perfect psycho smile, why did he remove my head? I'm not just a sexy, blood-drenched piece of meat, I have a sexy-blood drenched brain too :)


Aviatrix said...

I speculate that he was afraid to ask you for permission before he had the bribe ready.

Dagny said...

I think he did the right thing.

Muhahahahaha. ;)

Aviatrix said...

Also the play is about someone who draws things, so it had to be hand-drawn.

Also my secret code word is "yelput."

Dan said...

Evil Dead The Musical was easily the best theatrical show I've ever seen. Saw it in Montreal some years back but wimped out and sat in the balcony.