Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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So Lisa and her friends were driving to Ottawa to see her brother. They got as far as Kingston before getting lost and turning onto a sideroad, where they soon met an undercover police car. The officer claims that he clocked them going 138km/h in an 80km/h zone.

It gets Ontario, being charged with speeding more than 50km/h over the limit means the following:

1. Immediate 7-day driver's license suspension - you have to give it to the officer on the spot.
2. Immediate 7-day seizure and impoundment of the vehicle (we pay the towing and impound fees - in Lisa's case around $325)
3. If convicted, minimum $2,000 fine (max is $10,000) and 6 demerit points (which could triple her insurance from $130 to $400/month)
4. If convicted, probable suspension of her driver's license for 30 days, and possible suspension for up to 2 years.
5. Lisa had to take the train back to Oakville ($45) once her car got impounded, then she has to take it to Kingston in a week ($93) to get the car back. (My mom is coming to visit this weekend, and I'm not going to take a whole day out of that visit to drive Lisa to Kingston)
6. Sully gets to give Lisa a ride to/from work every day, which means Sully has to wake up a half-hour early every morning. Not a real big deal, but still...
7. Lisa immediately gets a letter from the DOT saying she gets her license taken away for 10 years if she gets another big speeding ticket in the next 10 years.

In short, you do NOT want to get convicted of speeding more than 50km/h over the limit in Ontario.

As an aside, another consequence of having your driver's license taken away is that you no longer have ID to get into the bar; that night, Lisa tried to go to the pub with her friends and was denied entry because she didn't have a driver's license to show the bouncer. I'm sure there's something in there about karma or something, but I'm not sure what conclusion to draw.

And how was your weekend?


InsuranceGirl said...

Wow! I was not aware of those consequences...pretty scary. Certainly not a very nice way to spend a weekend either. Sorry!

nec Timide said...


There does not seem to be any leeway with the application of this law. Not too long ago an elderly man ran into the same problem up the valley from Ottawa.

Good luck with your day in court Lisa.

Anonymous said...

1. Hopefully the radar was faulty.

2. If not, what do you think happens when you drive that high above the limit?

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the public humiliation of being outed on this blog...YIKES That's some huge hole in the bank acount.

Anonymous said...

We spent some time in rural New Brunswick over the summer. I would be driving 140-145 and at least every five minutes somebody would pass me like I was sitting still. Didn't see a marked police car the entire time.

Maybe you guys should move east?

Good luck minimizing the financial damage.

chasnicholson said...

Bummer! You need a benefit concert. Chas

Anonymous said...

By far the most shocking thing in that story is that gas is 101.6/litre in Ontario.

(Sorry for Lisa BTW)

Mike said...

Major bummer; but I sit here remembering when I gave my partner a hard time for things like this. When I look back I'm sorry I did. They are now just a blip on our landscape of so many years together.

Like your profile says: You love Lisa.


skinny said...

I had an '07 Civic nearly identical to that one for a short time period. Doing a little math for us 'mericans.... that's 85mph in a 50mph zone. My experience is the Civic feels like it's about to come unglued at 85mph on the HIGHWAY....I think you'd have to try pretty hard to drive that fast on a secondary road. No doubt it'll go that fast, but it's just not characteristic to "drift" up to those speeds without being very obvious. So IMHO she was just hammering it or the radar (or cop) is bogus. Good luck fighting it.

amulbunny said...

Just a got a letter from an unknown address in Scottsdale AZ with 4 pictures of my husband blowing a stoplight at 0618 in the morning. He swears he stopped but the lights got him, license numbers, and his face. Guess he'll be going to traffic school.

You love Lisa, this will just be a blip in the road. She hit a speed trap and she won't forget it.