Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm in New York right now, on a company trip. The flight was routine, so I'll quickly segue to something more interesting.

This is a video clip my friend Jennifer made of a trip she did to Toronto Buttonville, flying a medevac in the MU-2. She's been a Captain on the MU-2 for some years now, and has it mastered. This is no small feat, considering the level of difficulty of the MU-2. For example, I can take my hands off my C-550 during flight and the plane will be rock-solid in its flight path. Hell, I could probably land my Citation II with my eyes closed and my hand only on the trim wheel, paying attention only to the rad-alt callouts. On the MU-2, my record for flying it with no hands before having to take control again was 6 seconds. When I did my first flight in the MU-2, my eyes were the size of dinner plates. 18 months later, when I did my final flight in the MU-2, my eyes were the size of dinner plates. Anyway, my point is that the MU-2 is a hella challenging airplane to fly, and she makes it look easy.

You may notice that this plane really hauls ass, even on approach.

I love the part around 1:20 when the plane touches down and she puts the props in Beta / Reverse, causing the "whoompf" noise. And then you get a small taste of the amazing wall of noise that the MU-2 puts out while taxiing.

If you wind up needing medical attention in northern Ontario somewhere, you might end up hitching a ride down south in one of these magnificent machines. If you see a friendly captain with blonde hair sitting up front, be sure to tell her you've seen her on youtube ;)


Blake said...

The sound is unmistakable.

I've been on the ramp a few times while an MU2 has landed (and departed).

A "wall" of noise is an understatement.

Wayne said...

Been on the ramp many a time and have been aboard (JEL) as a patient escort on a heart transplant trip YSB to YOW. One heck of a racket sitting in the back between those two rice burners while taxiing.


medic_9 said...

Ah...The memories.

Even being on the ground a few kilometers away when an MU2 takes off, the sound is still unmistakable.

Windsor said...

Nothing like the sound of 1000 angry vacuum cleaners in the morning!!