Friday, August 10, 2007

I saw this funky little fighter plane on my recent travels. It has a single engine and according to the ramp guy, was made in Poland. It's privately owned, and I guess primarily used for fun. The owner bought 2 of them and a few more non-working ones for spare parts.

//update. I wiki'd it and it turns out it's called an Iskra. Still in use in Poland as a military trainer.//

Here's a short little video of my walkaround.

Meanwhile, the clouds were being cool so I took a few pics. I really need a better camera. And talent. Talent would be cool.

Special Bonus footage:

Our little office, circa 2 weeks ago, guest-starring Kitsch and Hewhocannotbenamed. We have moved since then, but that's a subject for future posts. No word on whether Kitsch ever found his pants...


Anonymous said...

I was always a little bit curious about the pronunciation of Kitsch. My questions have been answered.

Luke said...

It's an L-39 Albatross; cheap, reliable, and fun, from what I hear, and pretty popular, too.

Personally, I have my eye on a surplus T-6B (in NASA colors, of course), but I could handle a Gooney Bird, too!

Sulako said...

I did a little digging and although it sure does look like an albatross, this little beast is a Polish trainer called an Iskra.

A T-6B would be a sweet ride, assuming I could afford the gas. Which I couldn't :)

IFR Pilot said...

I know that plane, I know that plane! Every time he takes it out for a hope, it shakes the windows in my office.

Anonymous said...

If that long probe is sealed and not functioning as the pitot-tube for airspeed -- where is the 'real' pitot? I didn't see one in your video... mysterious.