Monday, November 20, 2006

Wow, I missed 3 days in a row on my posts. That's a new record. This weekend was great, I saw Lisa and we had a busy couple of days. Today I write an exam at Transport Canada, so wish me luck.

I have to go to Hamilton now to write the exam, so I'll fill up the remaining post space with embarassing photos of me wearing ridiculous headgear.

Okay, the last pic isn't me, it's just some pic I found on the net. But it's disturbing enough that I felt it needed posting ;)


smurfjet said...

"WTF" was my reaction when I got to the last pic. I now need therapy.

#3 is the cutest. And no I'm not gay. :P

Jim Howard said...

My Eyes! The googles do nothing!!

Ann said...

Congrats on passing....must have been the good vibes from the lobster hat.
The last one, well, that was scary.
Clear skies!

Aviatrix said...

What's disturbing, is that you felt it needed posting. And if I come to your wedding, I'm NOT dressing like that.