Thursday, August 01, 2013

Wow, has it really been two months since my last post? 

Things have gotten fairly hectic here. Nolan is walking and talking and starting to really spool up. He's not a baby any more, he's a little boy, complete with everything that little boyhood brings.  He's 21 months old and precocious as hell, which means he's discovered tantrums. Hopefully he'll grow out of them sooner rather than later - when he completely loses his mind ("No, you can't play in the oven" etc) it's quite fearsome. The flipside is he has decided that he's ready for potty training, which is great.

Oh, and we have added more aircraft to our roster. We have 5 now, spread over 3 different types. My current project is getting our latest aircraft approved - it's a new type for us and substantially larger than the rest of them.  That part isn't really relevant other than it travels longer distances and to more distant locations. I have no interest in getting trained on it - I'd rather leave the weeklong trips to South America or Europe to someone else so I can be home at night.  With 8 full-time and several part-time pilots, I'm now generally able to make the schedule suit my needs - one of the few perks of being Ops Manager :)

 Wanna guess the type?  I'll give you some vague, frustrating clues.  It's older, it has 10 passenger seats and it grosses out at about 31,000 lbs. For those of you who just Googled the weight, It's not a C-47 Skytrain, nor is it a Harrier Jumpjet :)  Also, this version has Garrett engines.