Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet Charlie, our baby girl puppy!

A couple of corrections that Lisa asked me to make: She's 1/2 Boston Terrier, not 1/2 British Terrier, and that's our kitchen featured, not our living room. Puppy ate my brain!

If you have any dog-raising tips, lemme know. I have owned twenty-seven bazillion cats, but this is my first dog. Good thing she's so freakin' cute! ;)

Monday, March 15, 2010

We did this on Friday. Kitsch was flying this ILS, I was in the right seat. Only the last couple of minutes is interesting, but I'm too lazy to edit my videos for length. Oh, I got a shout-out from a controller on this trip. Glad you like the blog :) After that I flew back to Toronto where the weather was actually identical at 400' and 2 miles, but I didn't get it on video - too bad now that I think of it, it would have made an interesting comparison. This is my final try at using the iphone video - it's okay but my $150 Kodak ZX1 would give a lot more detail so Ima switch back.

Monday, March 08, 2010

I saw this and had to share - this is an MU-2 doing a max performance takeoff, departing Port-de-Paix in Haiti. It rotates in about 500 feet. Watch it in HD for the full awesomeness of hi-def pedestrians walking along the runway.

We took this plane in and out of 3000' ice-covered gravel strips in the north. The MU-2 is a magical, if unforgiving airplane.
I replaced my venerable Blackberry with an iphone, and this is me testing out the capabilities on it. The picture quality is pretty good, and the video is decent, but I think I'll stick with my little hd cam for cockpit vids.

Absolutely beautiful country here...

Guess the iconic Canadian landmark!

It came with this plaque bolted onto it. One does not mess with the Atlantic Ocean...

We were only in Halifax for a short time, but we drove all about and saw lots of things - Canadian Navy submarines in their pens in Halifax harbour, tall ships in port, and the bottom of a few pint glasses at the local pubs. It was nice weather, but hella windy.

We saw this on the way there...only the last 5 seconds of this video is cool.

Philosophy was never my strong point, but a man's mind starts to wander and wonder while waiting for passengers to show up for a midnight departure...of course we made it safe home - that's what Red Bull is for!

I'm pressed for time so I'll cut this short - I have lots of blog ideas percolating and I hope to get the chance to write one down tomorrow, maybe after we meet with our company accountant to discuss how we did in fiscal 2009. Wish me luck!