Thursday, May 23, 2013

My friend and former co-worker Kitsch posted this on his Facebook wall and I wanted to share, because it made me pee a little bit. Audio not safe for work due to an instance of the F-word.

What you are seeing is a wing oscillation in a Hawker 800.  Apparently it's due to the aftermarket winglets (the pointy tips) causing some kind of unexpected vibration at high altitude.

I don't blame the guy for swearing.  The wing oscillation would put a LOT of stress on the wing spars - wings are designed to flex rather than break, but what I see in the video can't be good for the airframe.

The article above says that a Service Bulletin has been issued for certain Hawker 800 winglets, restricting the maximum altitude the airplane is allowed to fly at to 34,000' from the previously certified 41,000' until a fix for the problem is implemented

I can only imagine how freaked out the crew was, but clearly this flight had a successful ending so that's good.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Was the guy who was kneeling praying? I'd sure as hell would have been. That's scary.

mimadrequelio somoza said...

Madre mia estas fatal xd joper lo q me eh reido