Thursday, February 28, 2013

Taking the slow bus home



Sully!  Why for you say ugh?   'Cause the little yellow figures at the bottom left of the screen shows a 166 knot (191 mph) headwind component on the way back from Philly. In metric, that's a 307 km/h breeze blowing right in our faces, which is the strongest headwind I have recorded, and the strongest headwind I can recall in my flying career.  We were down at 32,000' because the winds were reported to be even stronger higher up.  Severe turbulence was reported below us, so we were kind of stuck between a rock and a slow place.

On the upside, my Philly cheese steak sandwich was life-changingly good.  It's the chopped browned onions mixed in with the meat and cheddar that really make it.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

You mean the cheesesteak was better than your poutine extravaganza?

Dan C said...

266 kts is pretty good in my turboprop land!


Doru said...

Talk about running to stay still :)