Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ILS into KTRI Aug 22 2012

Riding the ILS into KTRI Tri-Cities TN this morning. Vis was fine at 4 miles, and the morning ground fog made everything look a little more special. If the temperature had dropped a degree or two more, the fog would have been a solid wall, so we got kinda lucky. Notice how we are landing under a layer :)

Our itin today is here for Customs, then south, then south, then west, then home. Long day, but the weather is perfect and I love this plane, so there's that :)


Anonymous said...

KTRI really needs to get the excess rubber removed from that runway! Hate to land there during a heavy rain.

whywhyzed said...

Those approach lights are amazing.

DanW said...

Hey, I flew over KTRI on 22 Aug...'course it was later on about 11:30am and clear and calm. And, I was flying a C172SP and not your ride. Thanks for the video!