Monday, July 30, 2012

I took last week off work, and really enjoyed spending time with Nolan. He's 9 months old already!

This was him on Friday, as we were trekking down a trail in his baby buggy. If you click on the pic and look closely, you can see his single tooth. We went for long walks every day and were frequently stopped by people who wanted to tell me how cute he is. "He looks just like his old man" was my stock response, yet for some reason I was usually greeted with a blank stare. Go figure :p

 He's a really easy kid, very smart and in good spirits all the time. I credit Lisa for those particular qualities. For real though - he cries maybe a couple of minutes a day, maybe, and that's only during the interval between when he realizes he's hungry to when he gets fed. He crawls now, and is working on pulling himself up to a standing position. I imagine he'll be driving soon.

 Oh, the bracelet is Baltic amber or so the people at the baby store would have us believe - according to them, it's been used for hundreds of years to help kids through the teething process. I don't believe that wearing a bracelet will do jack for his teeth, but I am totally okay with the hedging of bets when it comes to sleeping through the night ;) I don't have a fancy camera btw - that pic is from my iPhone. The kid just naturally looks Photoshopped :)



Giulia said...

OMG! He is soooooooo cute!!!! Treasure each moment (and give him LOTS of kisses).

All the best to you and your family,


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

He's adorable.
Our cure for teething:
1 ice cold washcloth soaked at one end with Jack Daniels for the baby.
Jack Daniels rubbed on gums to stop the pain.

1 shot of JD for mom to get through teething.

What's funny now is that I can remember my firstborn's nearly every milestone, but not my 2nd child's first tooth.

Enjoy every minute of time with the good looking kiddo! They grow up way too fast.

Anonymous said...

We have an Amber necklace. Whenever our boy doesn't wear it, his shirt is wet from drool within 10 minutes. With it, his shirt stays dry all day. I couldn't care less if it is the fairy dust in the amber or what... it just works for us!