Friday, April 13, 2012

Halifax for lunch, playing with a tilt-shift app on the iPhone. Kinda cool how it makes things look like toys. Then again, this plane is the best new toy ever :)

Wanna geek out and learn how to fly her?

Let's start with the brains of the beast, the Flight Management System.

Try that link. If it doesn't work, Google "GNS-XLS prnav manual" (no quotes). The first link will take you to a .pdf of the latest revision of our manual.

I'll figure out how to upload a bunch of the other aircraft system manuals soon, and we can do a groundschool together! I'm still learning it, so I'm really hoping one of you can teach it to me :)

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Dave W said...


I feel for you!

I am just a simmer and am attempting to learn the virtual fms in the emb 170!

I never realised a hobby could be so time consuming!

Thanks for the link!

Dave from the UK