Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Our new machine!

Main external differences between the 560 and the 550 Ultra are one extra window and the wing root on the ultra is swept back a wee bit. It's an entirely new wing actually, and it goes faster. New MMO is Mach 0.755 (vs 0.705 for the 550), or 292 KIAS (vs 262 KIAS for the 550). Engines are each 3045 lbs of thrust (vs 2500 on the 550) What that means in real life is the 560 Ultra can climb up to 40,000' right after takeoff, and it cruises about 90 knots faster.

When you walk in the door, you see a single seat now, instead of a 2-seat divan.

The galley is upgraded, and has lots of extra storage for snacks and drinks.

The seats are a new design. The cabin is 20 inches longer, which adds about 7 inches of extra legroom for each passenger.

Foldout tables, wheee! There's also a flitephone in the cabin, and audio controls for a CD changer in the back.

Because there is more space, even the rear seats have enough space for their own tables.

The lavatory / rear storage area has doors instead of a curtain!

The lavatory. It works. It also has a seatbelt and if we needed to, we could legally put a passenger there. Not too likely, but it's possible.

Coat hangars in the rear lav storage area. We also have a baggage compartment in the nose of the plane, and an extended baggage compartment in the tail, which can hold skis or golf clubs etc.

Here's the cockpit. The avionics are Primus 1000, with a GNS-XLS FMS (Flight Management System), which is the brains of the plane. I'll do some posts on the avionics. We also have some extra goodies, like a passenger briefing system - I press a button and a soothing voice comes across the speaker telling the pax to get ready for takeoff / landing etc.

But how does it perform? Here's 430 knots at FL410 (also known as 41,000' above sea level). When she was heavy she went to 425 knots, and after a couple of hours she was up to 436, which was bumping right up against her Mach 0.755 speed limit. Down below 40,000' I had to pull back the throttles to avoid overspeeding her. //Giggles like a schoolgirl.

Thinking about descending down to 28,000'. A quick shot of the panel in front of me.

Lunch in the air. Yeah, I'm Canadian :p

I used a panorama app on the iphone to take these next pics. Note that the picture stitching isn't 100% - we don't really have 2 overlapping panels on the copilot's side.

We took the plane to Teterboro NJ, which is where all New York corporate jets go into. The panorama app makes the wing look bendy, and the nose look stubby. I just wanted to show how many amazing corporate jets are in Teterboro on any given day - this is only a few of them.

We are taking the plane on a big trip next week, going from Toronto to Texas, Arizona and California, so that will be a great opportunity to stretch her legs and get more acquainted with her long-range performance. More to come!


Anonymous said...

That is the best toy you have had since the Fisher Price Airport when you were six or so!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

If you land at HHR in the LA area, enjoy MillionAire. It's one of the quietest airports near LAX and they do provide good service.

Anonymous said...

Nice Bird! Congratulations on closing the deal.

Anonymous said...

hired the new FO yet?

whywhyzed said...

Do you fly this alone, or does there always have to beacopilot?

capnaux said...

Gorgeous bird--esp. the avionics!

Though I have to say I prefer my 1st Class crew meals on my A320 tray table over a Tim Horton sandwich on the lap, lol!

Tom Lee said...

Let me know if you are coming to Austin during your Texas flight and I can give you some tips on where to go -- SXSW is on next week and I am sure that there will be a ton of charters coming into KAUS.