Saturday, February 19, 2011

Australia's Helicopter Cowboys. Pretty breathtaking - I'd be scared to do this in a video game, let alone real life. They lose an average of ten (TEN!) helicopters per year to crashes, and unfortunately not all the pilots walk away either. I wonder if they can even get insurance?


Paul Tomblin said...

At least if they crash they're not crashing from very high up.

Steve at the Pub said...

The nature of that documentary, & the terminology used is of a "Gee Whiz" nature, designed to impress & wow an audience of urban foreigners.

Ten crashes a year? Never counted, could be right. Crashes are not unavoidable, & most pilots never have one.

The height is actually one of the nastier things about crashes. Tree/animal strike DOES occur, as does losing track of wind direction. An engine failure at that height & attitude means the pilot has no options for safe landing.
They are operating in a high density altitude, in hot conditions. Dusty too, which can hamper visibility.

ALL those machines are insured. Insurance for them is expensive.

The white helicopter in that clip recently crashed, The pilot did not survive.

Anonymous said...

The clip is taken from a BBC documentary series called Human Planet, this episode only aired last Thursday. You should see the bit where the Tanzanian farmers literally blow up trees with TNT to kill the birds that eat their crops.

Dan said...

Wow! That is nuts!

Daniel said...

They can get insurance, but it's REALLY expensive:

"It's the highest risk factor that you can get yourself insured for in the world. I insure myself for $2.5m and it costs me $42,000 a year"


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