Sunday, May 02, 2010

We did CPR / AED training last week, here are a few highlights.

AED = Automated External Defibrillator - we carry one on board in case any of our passengers have 'the big jammer' while flying with us. Now we know how to use it!

I'll sum up what we learned in CPR - If it's an adult, call 911 first, then give 2 breaths via mouth-to-mouth, followed by 30 fast and hard chest thrusts (you are aiming for 100 thrusts per minute, timing-wise). Repeat until help arrives. If it's a kid, do 5 sets of 2-breaths and 30 chest thrusts, then call 911, then get back to CPR until help arrives. If it's a baby, only use 2 fingers for the chest thrusts instead of both hands.

Oh, and prepare for lots of barf.

To use the AED, follow the verbal instructions that the unit gives you, zap 'em if the unit says to zap 'em, but you'd better make sure nobody is touching the person when they get zapped.

Again, prepare for lots of barf.

The training went pretty well, as you can see from the pics and video.

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