Friday, April 10, 2009

For my 401st post, it's picture time. Lets go to Florida on someone else's vacation! The good pictures are courtesy of Kitsch, the crappy ones are all me.

One of these days I'll get the hang of wearing a headset properly.

I turned around about 3 hours into the trip to discover a stowaway! A very thorough stowaway, she even brought her passport.

First thing we did was go to the beach, which was surprisingly foggy.

Kitsch was confused by the IFR weather and accidentally wound up in the water. We gave him vectors back to dry land and disaster was averted.

Lisa concentrated on the basics, like bipedal locomotion.

I hunted sharks, but didn't find any in the ocean.

We paused briefly for a group portrait. A very organized bunch we are.

We left the beach and went to the mall, where the hunter became the hunted. After an epic battle I was able to distract the stuffed shark with a stuffed sea lion and get away in the nick of time, but it was touch and go for a while there.

All that life-and-death struggle makes a person hungry, so we feasted on some seriously amazing Mexican food.

For dessert, we went to a candy store by the hotel. This was their magnum opus, their tactical nuke. Rice Krispy square, richly buttered, layered in caramel and covered in dark chocolate. Each of them weighed about a pound.

We also saw what might either be Heaven or Hell, depending on your view of saturated fats.

All-you-can-eat Kentucky Fried Chicken! Gotta love the South - we don't have THAT back in Toronto, that's for sure. Theoretically I should still be at the buffet as I can eat an infinite amount of fried chicken skin if it's provided.

We went to Manatee Park to see if there were any delicious manatees around. They were all either in jail or rehab so we didn't see a single one. I did get attacked by more Floridian wildlife though...

Frickin alligators are everywhere around here, probably even in the trees. Well, we know what to do with alligators - around here, we wrassle 'em!

We decided to go check out alligators on their home turf, so we took an airboat tour. It was pretty cool. Our boat is in the background. This little bugger was very hopeful, but left disappointed.

This one would also really like to bite us a lot.

The airboat tour took us through a few thousand acres of rolling swamp. Lots of nature here! I took a quick video - apologies for the sound - it was really loud in the airboat.

Alas, it was over all too soon and after a few days it was time to head back to good old sunny Toronto. Oh wait, we arrived in the middle of a huge snow/slush/rain/fogstorm. Yes, I said fogstorm - it should be a word, dammit. You can see the pink and blue of snow, and the greens of rain all mixed in with each other. The little colored dots roughly go like this: blue - good, green - okay, yellow - marginal, red - ILS minimum weather, pink - below ILS minimum weather. The red dot right by CYYZ tells us that we will have a pretty high workload during this particular landing. Actually, we made it in about 10 minutes before Toronto Pearson went down below our weather minimums, so that was exciting, as was the drive home afterwards along the foggy/slushy highways.


Anonymous said...

Kitsch is HOT!

Anonymous said...

The caption explaining Kitsch's confusion in IFR is brilliant. That made my day.

DeltaWhiskey said...

Agreed. Like Kitsch, I usually get confused by IMC by the ocean. However, instead of getting vectors to safety, I somehow end up ditching repeatedly. Thanks for the entertaining post - I loved your encounters with "wildlife"!

amulbunny said...

Cool pictures. Love the gator wrestling, Kitsch can take it up as a 2nd career choice if he gets tired of snow and sleet and slush.
Thanks for sharing, you all look great.
PS that chocolate should be illegal!

5400AirportRdSouth said...

seriously, buffet KFC? At least the gators would have the sense to not to go after me after I wrestled with THAT buffet table.