Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This sticker briefly explains my retardation.

So we got back from a long flight a few nights ago. I had put my overnight bag in the nose for the return flight, forgetting that I had put some of my shaving kit in it. Long story short, at the end of the 3 1/2 hour flight in the unpressurized nose compartment, the aftershave skin lotion in my bag exploded, covering all my clothes.

I got home discovered this, then threw all my clothes in the washing machine. To be effiecient, I figured I'd throw the clothes I was wearing into the laundry also. I guess I forgot to check my pockets...

That makes 2 passports through the laundry in the past 2 years. At $117 each for rush replacement service, it's starting to add up. Passport Canada was nice enough to tell me that if I do this again in the next 5 years, I'm going to have to do an interview w. the RCMP to explain why I keep torturing my passports to death.

One unfortunate thing is that I had to surrender my laundered passports to get replacements, so I wasn't able to keep any records of the various passport stamps I have accumulated over the years.

Thankfully the plane is down for inspection at the moment so I didn't miss any flights, and got to keep my job :)

I have now bought a waterproof passport case and will be keeping my passport in the airplane full-time - the only time I use the passport is when I'm in the plane, so I'm hoping that those 2 preventative measures will ensure that my passport is allowed to become dirty and dusty without me needing to run it through the laundry every 6 months.


Aviatrix said...

My tomorrow night's blog is on getting a new passport, too. But mine is for the more mundane reason that it was about to expire.

I want you to have the interview. I want to hear about it :P

Do you have your new passport licence yet? Get a cover for it, too!

Jake's Dad said...

Wow, a double replacement sticker. I thought I was doing good with just the one. I got it after my son decided to make a treasure map out of a couple of pages of mine. The interesting part was I had only received the passport the day before and I was supposed to fly a trip in 3 hours. Luckily arrangements were made with Customs to allow a one time use of the passport however the replacement process turned into a nightmare. I felt like I was being treated like a terror suspect because I had not taken better precautions to protect my passport. Amazing how I had passed the security check only a couple of days before but when you show up with a scribbled on, pages ripped out passport, they treat you like you have an alternative motive. I was hoping to keep the "destroyed" passport to use later in life at my son's wedding or graduation to illustrate the story. However, the passport office confiscated it and turned it over to security for examination. Maybe its hanging up in an office somewhere as an example of improper passport handling.

EyeNo said...

I kept losing track of mine and whenever I travel now it stays in my back pocket. So far I haven't run it through the wash but I find myself patting my ass a dozen or so times a day. Kinda fun when I think about it.

Jim Mantle said...

That works as long as the plane doesn't go anywhere without you.

Can you imagine telling Lisa that the two of you can't go on vacation because the plane (and your passport) is in Teterboro??

The Flying Pinto said...

I think we've all had something "explode" inside our suitcase at one time or another...luckily I never washed my passport though, bummer!