Monday, December 01, 2008

A friend of mine by the name of 'sky's the limit' is in Afghanistan right now, writing and taking pictures. He's actually staying in a house that Osama Bin Laden owned and lived in. In STL's own words..."Talk about a theme room.... It's actually quite difficult to believe it, but I'm staring at the same ceiling he did, just used the same bathtub he did, and I can only wonder what thoughts he had while in here. I have issues with time and space sometimes, but to know he was in here at one point in history, or several actually, sure has a way of playing with one's mind."

He has made a detailed post on AvCanada, and I encourage you to read the text for an interesting take on the conditions there.

Clicking makes the pictures bigger.

This is 20 miles Northeast of Bagram

A Chinook helicopter that will shortly be transferred from the US Army to the Canadian Forces.

The business end of an Apache attack helicopter.

An A-10 tank killer departing Bagram at sunrise

A Sikorsky HH60 Pavehawk search and rescue chopper, ready to go on a night medevac.

The night medevac flight was for an Afghan National Police officer hit by an improvised explosive device.

An amazing shot out the back of a Chinook

STL, looking brave and not scared.

What's the number 1 rule of armed conflict? Don't die. I hope and pray STL will obey this rule and post more pics soon.


Anonymous said...

I understand that your friend is the connection to the war stuff. But I have to say I was uncomfortable with the inclusion on your blog of references to armed combat and the Afghanistan war. Feels like a Top Gun recruitment drive.Make love not war Sully. Peace on Earth to all who usually read this excellent blog.

Muddy Acres said...

Those are amazing photos, Sulako. Thanks for posting them. I used to read your comments on AvCanada, so I was happy to stumble upon your blog. I will make a point to check in more frequently. Happy Holidays.