Friday, June 20, 2008

A while ago, Kitsch and I went east. All praise to Kitsch for these pics btw. Click on the pics to make 'em bigger.

We were there for a few days, and decided to take a trip down the east coast.

Pretty spectacular views around here.

You can tell which way the prevailing winds blow by looking at the vaguely creepy trees.

Oh, what's this? An island you say?

To be precise...The Island Of The Damned!

Click on the pic for a closer look. Note that all the trees are dead, and there are lots of large black birds nesting in the withered stumps. This would be a perfect location for some romancing. Perhaps some local high-school kids could get drunk, climb up to the top and spend the night there having premarital sex and consuming drugs. I'm sure nothing terrible and horrifying would happen to them.

Another place that the Island Monster could store the bodies...

I briefly overcame my fear to pose for a quick shot.

I am pretty sure I shouldn't have taken that last gulp of water from the pump. My face has been numb ever since, and the walls of my apartment keep bleeding.

After escaping The Island Of The Damned, we headed back, loaded the plane with 25 lobsters, and waited for our passengers. This job is a great job, and I am a lucky guy. Except for the whole numb-faced, bleeding-wall thing :)

*Pictures taken between Bathurst and Caraquet, NB*


Anonymous said...

I like the black pilot shoes with your jeans and sweater.

Anonymous said...

I like the SHOCKER. You devil.

Sulako said...

Shocking though The Island Of The Damned was, that isn't the shocker.

The shocker is the index and middle finger extended together with the pinkie. I'm making the gang sign for "Don't mess with the 3-toed sloth". Or something. But it ain't the shocker.

My outfit is also the same one I wear to our company softball games. The black shoes add class... ;)

Anonymous said...

(red face) You're right. The shocker is in my evil mind, not your hand.

amulbunny said...

I hope the lobsters didn't scream too loud......pressurization and all that you know.
What happens when the tide comes in and traps you on the island of the damned like at Mt St Michel?

Stephen said...

Just wanted to leave a note to say I love your blog. I have spent the last 3 hours going through multiple pages of your postings and reading every post.
I am a corporate pilot wannabe sitting-behind-a-desk-accountant and I get to live vicariously through your posts.
If you get down to Phoenix again and have a spare few hours, let me know and I will take you to dinner/lunch.