Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ahh, winter on the Great Lakes.

Nothing a few thousand bucks worth of Type I and Type IV de-ice fluid won't clean off.

We headed east for an hour. The weather sucked, and Kitsch flew the ILS down to 100 above minimums before we caught the runway lights.

Check out the video I took this morning: It's pretty boring for the first minute while we are in solid cloud / fog, but I think it's pretty cool how the runway eventually comes into view. All praise to Kitsch for posting the video, I'm just linking to it.

When we departed for home this afternoon Kitsch took a video of the wing as I was taking off. I thought it was cool and he was kind enough to let me link to this one too.

Oh, we hired a new person on Monday. More on that soon.

But next up, how Lisa and I met...

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