Friday, January 18, 2008

We are looking to hire a charter coordinator for our operation. I suck at drumming up business, so it's time to hire someone who doesn't suck, and who can get us 150 - 200 hours worth of client charter per year.

Do you live somewhere near the Greater Toronto Area?
Are you good with people?
Are you smart?
Can you legally work in Canada?

This is a NON-FLYING position, and it won't lead to flying down the road. We want someone who will make this into a long-term position, and who will invest time and energy into this job, so I'm not really interested in someone who will just do this until they can get a flight crew position.

Here's the offical job description; please email me a resume if you are interested.

Position: Charter Coordinator
Contact Person: Sulako (I'm gonna be reading the resumes, and I'll be happy to give you my real name and our company's name in the fullness of time)
Street Address: 2450 Derry Road East, Hangar 9 (North End of Pearson)
City: Mississauga
State/Province: Ontario
Fax number: 905 405 8608
Apply via: Email, Fax
Aircraft Types: C550

Job Description:


We are a small corporate flight department that also does the occasional charter. We would like to focus a little more on the charter side, and are interested in hiring someone who can help develop that for us. The successful candidate would have a background in aviation and be a motivated self-starter, good with customers, and have a decent knowledge of marketing. You would be responsible for contacting new and previous clients, generating and implementing a marketing plan, organizing charters and flight following, and overseeing the day-to-day activities of our flight department.

We own and operate a Citation 550 (Citation II) light jet, which is based at Toronto Pearson airport. We have office space at the north end of Toronto Pearson airport as well as our parent company's main office in Oakville.

Email me your resume at or fax it to 905 405 8608 and let's talk!

Wages: Our owner believes "What gets rewarded gets done" and we want this done. Above Industry Standard wages + full benefits (dental, prescriptions, RRSP match, etc.)

Closing Date: Feb 1st 2008

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nec Timide said...

Sounds interesting. If I was 20-30 years younger and not tied to a nearly full pension I might give it a try. Seems like you're not the only one at your company thinking long range.

Good hunting.