Saturday, November 17, 2007

Freezin' :)


Aviatrix said...

I guess pictures of your freezing girlfriend is a change from all those pictures of your hot girlfriend you keep posting. :-)

Hi Lisa, liked the little blanket flip at the end, so people knew you weren't naked under there.

Pedro said...

LOL I liked the final part of Aviatrix comment. I was thinking the same too.

I guest Sulako and Lisa are just a lovely couple who aren't afraid of what people might think :)

But hey, Sulako, you have to put the A/C on Extra Hot, that might produce better results for you ;)

Sam said...

Heh for a moment that looked suspiciously like the videos all the celebs make on vacation and then somehow get "stolen" from their bedroom closet years down the road when they haven't been in the headlines as much as they'd like... ;)