Thursday, December 08, 2016

Okay so.

I bought the company I worked for and merged it with another company.

We operate lots of tuboprops and jets. We are across Canada and in the next couple of weeks I`ll take the Ops Manager exam at the new company and assuming I`m successful, I`ll do that job.  Sully of all trades, master of none.

Our fleet:

Pilatus PC-12                           =A bunch.  So many.  Lots of variants as well. 
Beech King Air 200                = 1
Basler DC-3                             =3
Citation 550 Citation 2            =2
Citation 560 Citation Ultra     = 2
Citation 560 Citation Encore  = 1
Citation 560 Excel                  = 1
Dassault Falcon 20                 = 1
Citation 650 Citation 7           = 1

More coming up but obvs we won`t be talking about them until they actually appear on the Operating Certificates.

I gotta say I do love the Pilatuses. Single engine turboprop with a huge cabin that gets the job done? Count me in. I do checkrides a lot, and as part of that I do checkrides on the Pilatuses (Pilatii?) and though I don't fly one, from a distance it comes across as a solid workhorse with a larger cabin than the Citation 560 Ultra or Encore.

That being said, I also enjoy the comfort of 2 turbofan engines. My next course is on the Citation Excel, I'ma go there in early January.  The initial course manual is 770 pages and I`ve devoured it all.

Here, you can too:

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Oh well hello there.  It`s been a while.  I`m still flying.  A couple of dozen planes now instead of 5. Nolan is 5 years old.  Now I guess I gotta think of an aviation-related subject to post about.  Hmm.